In the grand tradition of the Great Recession, my post-grad, unemployed ass is taking a shot in the dark. Let’s see if I can make a go of this writing thing, eh?

This isn’t going to be a place where I toot my own horn and spam constantly. Expect my (possibly disjointed and rambling) thoughts about writing, links to things I think are helpful or interesting, and the occasional picture of my cat.



Author: pkgreen

I write fiction of the pulpy, genre variety. I'm a big ol' dork with too many fandoms. I share a small apartment with my partner, one cat, and a smattering of aquatic snails. Interests include biology, pointless trivia, Zoloft, and pretending I'm the kind of person who sticks to an exercise plan. I have a Master's in Economics for some reason. My principle hobby is worrying about stuff.

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